Jiangsu Chaoli was awarded the "Global Automotive Supply Chain Quality Leading Ecological Partner" award

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The 2024 Automotive Supply Chain New Ecology Conference, organized by China Automotive News, was held on March 8th at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of this year's New Ecology Conference is "innovation driven, cross-border integration, and green development". It brings together numerous industry leaders, enterprise elites, and experts and scholars to focus on cutting-edge technologies, the latest applications, and innovative achievements, and explore new trends, opportunities, and challenges in the automotive industry. At the Global Automotive Supply Chain Ecological Partner Awards Ceremony held during the conference, Jiangsu Chaoli Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. was awarded the Quality Leading Ecological Partner Award for its strength.

Jiangsu Chaoli has been established for more than 40 years and has always made a commitment to customers with "extraordinary quality, striving for perfection", committed to providing customers with zero defect products. In recent years, the company has continuously optimized and improved its quality management system, actively promoted the excellent performance management model, and has won multiple honorary titles such as "Jiangsu Province Quality Credit AAA Level Enterprise", "Jiangsu Province Civilized Unit", and "Zhenjiang City Mayor Quality Award".

In terms of brand image, Chaoli is a leading enterprise in China's automotive parts and micro motor industry, one of the top 100 excellent automotive parts suppliers in the country, and one of the top 10 motor companies in the automotive industry. The company has successfully created the "Chaoli" brand, a well-known trademark in China. And continuously expand the brand's influence by participating in various industry exhibitions, organizing technology promotion activities, and strengthening cooperation with the media. At the same time, the company also focuses on fulfilling corporate social responsibility, actively participating in public welfare undertakings, making contributions to society, and further enhancing its brand image.

In terms of technological innovation, Chaoli has always regarded technological innovation as the core driving force for enterprise development, continuously increasing research and development investment, optimizing product structure, improving product performance, and maintaining high-frequency resonance with the industry with its constantly breaking technological innovation capabilities. With green manufacturing and digital transformation as dual engines, the company has boosted the rapid development of the enterprise, continued to increase technical transformation efforts, built a green factory in Jiangsu Province, passed the certification of the energy management system, created an industrial Internet platform for collaborative production of the thermal management system of Chaoli new energy vehicles, improved production efficiency and product qualification rate through intelligent transformation, and reduced the number of workshop workers and unit electric energy consumption.

In terms of quality stability, Chaoli has always regarded product quality as the lifeline of the enterprise. The company has established a strict quality control system, which strictly monitors every link from raw material procurement to product production, testing, packaging, etc., to ensure that every process meets quality requirements. In terms of meeting customer needs, the company always insists on putting customers at the center, actively listening to their voices, and deeply understanding their needs and expectations. The company not only provides standardized products, but also customizes production according to the special needs of customers to meet the personalized needs of different customers. At the same time, the company has also established a comprehensive after-sales service system to provide customers with timely and professional technical support and after-sales service, allowing customers to feel a comprehensive and considerate service.

Blessed with glory, steady and far-reaching. Under the rapid changes in the automotive industry, Jiangsu Chaoli will never forget its original intention, forge ahead, and lead the high-quality development of enterprises with quality as the first and technological innovation. It is committed to becoming the preferred partner for global automotive manufacturers and jointly building a new ecosystem for the automotive supply chain.

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