Jiangsu Chaoli was awarded the Excellent Taxpaying Enterprise Award in Danyang City in 2023

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On the morning of February 19, 2024, the Danyang Development Conference was grandly held by the Danyang Municipal Government to commend advanced individuals and set a good example. At the commendation meeting, Jiangsu Chaoli Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "Excellent Taxpaying Enterprise Award in Danyang City in 2023". In 2023, Jiangsu Chaoli Taxpaying ranked 31st in the total tax payment of industrial enterprises in Danyang City.

Chaoli always adheres to the principle of "honest operation and lawful taxation", and conscientiously fulfills its tax obligations. 2023 is an extremely challenging year, but we overcame difficulties with great strength, persisted in improving our internal skills, producing products well, and empowering ourselves, achieving steady growth for our enterprise. In the new year, we will strive for excellence and create a better future together. All Chaoli people will never forget their original intention, keep in mind their mission, continue to strictly abide by the policies and requirements of the Party and the state, continue to create value for customers, produce, operate, and pay taxes in accordance with the law, actively serve local economic development, and make positive contributions to the economic and social development of the city.

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