Jiangsu Chaoli won two honors in 2023, the "Mengxi Award" for scientific and technological innovation in Zhenjiang City and the "Bole Award" for enterprise talent introduction and utilization

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On February 19th, the Innovation Leading Industry Strong City Conference in Zhenjiang City was successfully held. At this grand event, known as the "first session of the Chinese New Year," Jiangsu Chaoli Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. stood out from many enterprises with outstanding performance in technological innovation and talent introduction, and won two honors: the 2023 Science and Technology Innovation "Mengxi Award" and the Enterprise Talent Introduction and Use "Bole Award".

Jiangsu Chaoli has always adhered to an innovation driven development strategy, continuously increased research and development investment, and worked hard to improve the level of intelligent manufacturing, laying a solid foundation for the steady increase of the company's production capacity and the high-quality and efficient transformation of research and development achievements. In the field of scientific research and innovation, the company has successfully built two major research platforms: Jiangsu Industrial Design Center and Zhenjiang Key Laboratory. The wholly-owned subsidiary of Chaoli Electric Appliances, Chaoli Radiator, has been awarded the title of National Specialized and New Small Giant Enterprise. In 2023, Jiangsu Chaoli obtained a total of 27 authorized patents, including 9 invention patents. The "New Energy Vehicle Heat Pump Air Conditioning System" has not only been included in the list of key new technologies and products promoted and applied in Jiangsu Province, but also won the Annual Excellent Key Technology Award in the New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicle Selection Activity. The company has taken the lead in formulating and implementing multiple national and group standards, demonstrating its leading position in the industry.

Jiangsu Chaoli attaches great importance to talent introduction and training, and has attracted many high-level talents to join by establishing a sound talent incentive mechanism and training system. In 2023, the company's postdoctoral innovation practice base added one postdoctoral fellow and jointly trained 12 elite graduate students with the Provincial Institute of Industry and Research. The R&D team led by high-level talents of the company has been successfully selected as a talent team for the "Double Innovation Plan" in Jiangsu Province, becoming the only project selected in Zhenjiang City in 2023. At the same time, the company's flexible introduction of talent PhDs has been awarded the "Danfeng Chaoyang" Industrial Strong City Leading Talent Plan, which fully demonstrates the company's outstanding achievements in talent cultivation and introduction.

The award of the "Mengxi Award" for technological innovation and the "Bole Award" for enterprise talent introduction and utilization is not only a full recognition of Chaoli's technological innovation and talent training work, but also a great encouragement for the company's future development. Based on a new stage, embark on a new journey! Chaoli will take this as an opportunity to continue to increase its efforts in technological innovation, deepen industry university research cooperation, and continuously improve product quality and market competitiveness. To provide stronger talent and intellectual support for "innovation leading industry and strong city". Strive to build a century old enterprise with extraordinary quality and contribute to the high-quality development of the domestic automotive parts industry.


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