Jiangsu Chaili won the 18th National 100 Excellent Auto Parts Suppliers

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On December 4, the 18th "National Top 100 Auto Parts Suppliers" list was officially released! Jiangsu Chaili Electric Co., Ltd. won the "18th National Hundred Excellent Auto Parts Suppliers-Excellent Automotive Electronics and Electrical Suppliers"

The "National Hundred Excellent Auto Parts Suppliers" selection activity was established by China Automobile News Co., Ltd. in 2003. The selection adheres to the purpose of "selecting industry elites and establishing industry models". It is the only domestic auto parts OEM supplier selection event for auto production and manufacturing. It has been held so far by the domestic and foreign auto industry, authoritative institutions, and top-level buyers., High attention from many media.

After several months of screening and evaluation, a total of 12 excellent awards were awarded by 100 first-class auto parts enterprises. Jiangsu Chaili Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has been on the list of 100 excellent parts suppliers for many years, which not only fully demonstrates Chaili's product competitiveness and brand influence, but also the industry's recognition and support for Chaili.

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