Honesty Star, Blooming Honesty Glory-Congratulations to Jiangsu Chaili for winning the title of "Honesty Star"

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Recently, the Danyang City Spiritual Civilization Construction Steering Committee announced the 2021 Danyang City "Integrity Star" enterprise. Jiangsu Chaoli Electric Co., Ltd. stood out among many outstanding enterprises and won the title of "Integrity Star.

Jiangsu Chaori Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and sales of on-board motors, fans and heat exchangers.

Adhere to the integrity of law-abiding, system construction to promote compliance management.Since its establishment, Jiangsu Chaoli Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has taken law-abiding and integrity as the foundation, safety production as the foundation, sustainable development as the goal, paying taxes according to law, operating in good faith, and assuming the main responsibility of the enterprise. It has successively passed the IATF16949 quality management system, ISO14001 environment management system, occupational health management system, integration of industrialization and industrialization management system, intellectual property management system, measurement management system, and excellent performance management system, to improve the system construction to promote the company's business development. In 2016, he was awarded the Mayor of Danyang City Quality Award, in 2018, he was awarded the Danyang City Integrity Enterprise and Jiangsu Province Quality Credit AAA Enterprise, and in 2020, he was awarded the Mayor of Zhenjiang City Quality Award.

Adhere to technological innovation, to revitalize the national brand as its own responsibility to lead the development of the industry.Jiangsu Chaoli Electric Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to technological innovation and talent work. It has built R & D platforms such as Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center, Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Center, Jiangsu Foreign Expert Workstation, Jiangsu Post-doctoral Innovation Practice Base, etc., with more than 250 R & D personnel. It has won industry honors such as "Top Ten Automobile Motor Enterprises" and "National Hundred Excellent Auto Parts Suppliers", and participated in and formulated 5 industry and group standards, it has more than 120 patents. The company is now the vice chairman unit of the Body Accessories Committee of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the director unit of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the director unit of the China Society of Automotive Engineering, and the honorary chairman unit of the Danyang Auto Parts Chamber of Commerce.

Adhere to the integrity of others, and strive to build long-term cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win relationship between the relevant parties.The relationship between Jiangsu Chaoli Electric Co., Ltd. and customers and suppliers is not only the relationship between supply and demand, but a strategic partnership of long-term cooperation and mutual promotion. Actively advise customers, jointly seek business growth and cost reduction opportunities; proactively help suppliers achieve management improvement, maintain information transparency and frank communication with regulatory agencies, financial institutions, and law enforcement agencies, and jointly maintain regional prosperity and stability.

We attach great importance to brand building and adhere to the road of high-quality development.Jiangsu Chaoli Electric Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with zero defect products, using advanced production equipment, perfect quality system, efficient and reliable process control to provide customers with high-quality products, creating the "Chaoli" brand China well-known trademark, Jiangsu Province famous trademark. In terms of brand promotion and promotion, the company has participated in various auto shows, parts exhibitions, and various activities organized by the association to promote the company and products. It has been interviewed and reported by CCTV Finance Channel, Zhenjiang Media, Danyang Media, etc.

Actively safeguard the rights and interests of employees and build harmonious and stable labor relations.Jiangsu Chaoli Electric Co., Ltd. has always adhered to strict compliance with various laws and regulations in its daily business activities, and has established and improved the labor contract system and wage distribution system. The company's trade union is well organized, and regularly carries out sports competitions, reading festivals, single youth fraternities, Double Ninth Festival opera festivals, collective birthdays, family days and other colorful employee activities. At the same time, there are perfect employee safety education, integrity education, law popularization education, mental health counseling and other publicity and education activities.

Persist in fulfilling social responsibilities and actively participate in public welfare undertakings.Jiangsu Chaoli Electric Co., Ltd. has been commended by governments at all levels for its tax contribution for many years, actively creating a good working environment for employees and improving welfare benefits. The initiative established the Danyang Auto Parts Chamber of Commerce and became the first president of the unit, promoting the overall development of the Danyang auto parts industry. Every year, the company subsidizes local poor college students, donates money to build roads and bridges, and organizes various cultural and sports activities such as drama evenings and basketball games to improve people's livelihood. In 2008, the new Chaoli Ecological Park has radiated more than 1000 acres of high-efficiency facility agriculture in the surrounding area, allowing local villagers to have something to do and make money. Greatly improve the employment and living environment of the people in their hometown. Chaoli also named and funded the Jiangsu University Formula Team to help Jiang University realize its racing dream.

Jiangsu Chaoli will always adhere to the tenet of people-oriented and integrity first, always adhere to the responsibility of promoting the rapid development of the entire auto parts industry, contribute more strength to the domestic auto parts industry, and use integrity management to make the company bigger and stronger.

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