Jiangsu Chaoli Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. won the 2020 "Zhenjiang Mayor Quality Award"

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A few days ago, Jiangsu Chaili Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. successfully passed the procedures of Zhenjiang Mayor's Quality Award application recommend, qualification review, data review, on-site review, comprehensive evaluation, and review and social publicity at the Mayor's Quality Award Review Committee meeting. With the consent of the Zhenjiang Municipal Government, Jiangsu Chaili Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. was awarded the 2020 "Zhenjiang Mayor's Quality Award".

The Zhenjiang Mayor Quality Award is the highest quality award established by the Zhenjiang Municipal Government. It is used to reward the city's implementation of an excellent performance management model, has a wide range of social visibility and influence, is in a leading position in the industry, and has achieved significant economic and social benefits. Productive or service-oriented enterprises or organizations.

Zhenjiang Mayor's Quality Award is based on the national and provincial quality award evaluation standards "Excellence Performance Evaluation Criteria" (GB/Z19580) and "Implementation Guidelines for Excellence Performance Evaluation Criteria" (GB/Z19579). It adopts internationally accepted quality evaluation methods and comprehensively evaluates the management maturity of enterprises from seven dimensions: leadership, strategy, customer and market, resources, process management, measurement analysis and improvement, and business results.

"Extraordinary quality, strive for perfection" is a long-term commitment to customers, is committed to providing customers with zero defect products. In recent years, the company has continuously optimized and improved the quality management system, and actively promoted the excellent performance management model. It has successively won the "Jiangsu Province Civilized Unit", "Danyang Mayor Quality Award", "Danyang City Integrity Enterprise", and "Jiangsu Province Quality Credit AAA Class Enterprise" and many other honorary titles. In the future, with the help of excellent performance management mode, the company will continue to promote and improve the quality management system of all employees, the whole process and all-round, adhere to the problem orientation, pay attention to reform and innovation, consolidate the quality foundation, cultivate quality talents, continue to focus on technological innovation, product innovation, service innovation and management innovation, so as to create greater value for customers.



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