Chaoli Electric was awarded the honor of excellent tax paying enterprise in Danyang City in 2020.

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On the afternoon of the 21st, the 2021 Spring Festival Symposium for Outstanding Tax-paying Enterprises in Danyang City arrived as scheduled. The spring spirit sprouted outside the venue and the vitality surged accordingly. The passion and drive in the venue burst out. The leaders of the four sets of leading groups of the city, the main responsible persons of the towns (districts and streets) and relevant units, as well as the responsible persons of some excellent tax paying enterprises and scientific and technological innovation enterprises, gathered together to enjoy the harvest of friendship and seek common development and start a new journey with a cup of green tea and voice greetings.

Huang Chunnian, secretary of the municipal party committee, thanked the vast number of entrepreneurs in the city on behalf of the city's four leading groups, thanking them for sailing against the wind, fighting the commercial sea, and maintaining the good momentum of steady progress with the progress of enterprises in the past year. Huang Chunnian said that 2020 is an extraordinary and difficult year. In the past year, government and enterprises have worked together to fight the epidemic, promote development and win the future. In the whole year, industrial taxable sales of 157 billion yuan, general public budget revenue of 6.4 billion yuan and manufacturing investment of 9.2 billion yuan have increased by 7.5, 3.2 and 25% respectively, showing a good trend of Zhenjiang competing for the lead and the province's substantial progress. Huang Chunnian pointed out that the development practice in the past year has made the whole city feel more deeply that Danyang's entrepreneurs have a waist, which is enough to hold up a clear sky rising against the trend. Danyang's entrepreneurs are tenacious enough to be proud of the thousands of sails that leap across the horse. Danyang's entrepreneurs are glorious enough to win dazzling favor.

At the meeting, Mayor Wang Chengming read out the "Decision on Commending the City's Outstanding Tax-paying Enterprises in 2020" and presented awards to the city's outstanding tax-paying enterprises in 2020. Chaoli Electric Appliance will pay 12.79 million yuan in 2020, ranking 49th in the total tax payment of industrial enterprises in Danyang City, and has been awarded the honor of "Excellent Tax Paying Enterprise.


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