Chaili Electric won the third prize of the second Jiangsu Enterprise (R & D Institution) Innovation Competition

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On July 9, under the guidance of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology and the Office of the Provincial Joint Conference on Promoting the Construction of Enterprise R & D Institutions, sponsored by the Provincial Institute of Science and Technology Information, the Provincial Association for the Promotion of Enterprise R & D Institutions, and the Danyang Municipal People's Government, Danyang Science and Technology Mayor Group, Danyang The first division of the second Jiangsu Enterprise (R & D Institution) Innovation Competition hosted by the Science and Technology Bureau was successfully held in Danyang.

With the theme of "R & D and innovation core fire", this competition aims to implement the core strategy of innovation-driven development, in-depth implementation of the "High-quality Improvement Plan for Enterprise R & D Institutions", and collect advanced experience in the form of innovative cases to showcase scientific and technological personnel The wisdom and talent of the company, build an innovation experience exchange and sharing ecology, effectively play the role of "core power", and enhance the pride of scientific and technological personnel "core human, explore to create their own scientific and technological personnel" festival ".

The competition attracted many outstanding companies and teams from Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Yangzhou, and Taizhou to actively participate. Through case roadshows, professional reviews and public reviews, 17 projects stood out and entered the first competition. After fierce competition, Jiangsu Super Power Electric Co., Ltd. won the third prize.





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