Development Department of Jiangsu Chaili Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. won the title of "Youth Civilization"

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Recently, the Development Department of Jiangsu Chaoli Electric Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "Youth Civilization" by the Zhenjiang Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League and the banner of "Youth Civilization.




In the process of "creation", the "Youth Civilization" must strive for advancement, maintain excellence, and strive to create the first-class industry. To this end, the vision of our development team is professional, dedicated, expert, only unexpected, not impossible, dare to think and dare to do, challenge, surpass, and create industry benchmarks. Always create an atmosphere of "creation" and practice our super-strength corporate culture-surpassing ourselves and striving for perfection!

In view of the importance of the development team in the company's development, under the attention and requirements of the company's leaders, the quality requirements of the development team personnel are relatively high, forming an advanced team under the leadership of the Communist Party of China with 7 party members and the rest are members. In the past five years, the development team has won the honorary title of the company's advanced department every year, and many individual advanced honorary titles have emerged.




List of Zhenjiang Science and Technology Tackling Youth Commando

In the work practice, the development team constantly pursues the work goal of "surpassing itself and striving for perfection". From the perspective of the department's own work, it strengthens the management of internal team personnel, standardizes the responsibility system, urges the development team members to strictly implement various procedures in the work of the company's leadership and horizontal departments, and completes various tasks assigned by the company's leadership and relevant departments with good quality and quantity.

Combined with the actual situation, according to the particularity of the development team, formulate management methods suitable for the development organization and other regulations, and formulate a distinctive, easy to operate, and practical management system. Adhere to daily supervision and monthly inspection. Strengthen the management of collective self-construction. Here, we have established the institutionalization of management, the standardization of the development process, the process of project management, the beautiful working environment, and the same requirements as those without inspection.

And through the "three ones" work method to enhance the sense of professionalism, strengthen the friendship between each other. Daily summary: summarize the completion of the work on that day, and solve the problems found in time to avoid recurrence; Every Monday mutual evaluation: carry out "heart-to-heart communication activities, put forward opinions for others with a frank heart, and accept different criticisms with a peaceful attitude, so that everyone can get along more harmoniously, facilitate the cooperation in work, and unite the fighting capacity of the group; A good book every month: read a good book, only in this way can we broaden our horizons and improve the overall quality of the department through interactive communication. Truly achieve sharing, execution, innovation, and quality, so that the team becomes a learning organization, an innovative organization, and an organization that has the courage to take the initiative to take responsibility, and play a leading role in the company's performance and cultural heritage.

The development team is a thoughtful, autonomous, and cooperative organization. It always insists on starting everything from scratch. No matter when, no matter how successful and brilliant the past, it must have a sense of zero. Everything starts from the present and learns to stand in the future., Positioning today, and integrating yesterday. Zero mentality, open learning, adhering to the open, inclusive, innovative, win-win thinking to work and management.

"Youth Civilization" is not only an honor, but also a responsibility. In the future work, Jiangsu Chaori Electric Appliance Development Department will continue to carry forward the pioneering and exemplary role of the "Youth Civilization" collective, take achievements as the driving force, develop work ideas, innovate work methods, and bravely assume responsibilities and missions!

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