Chaili Electric won the title of "2019 Danyang Excellent Tax-paying Enterprise"

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At the moment when the epidemic prevention and control has achieved phased results, on the afternoon of April 2, Danyang City held a symposium on outstanding tax-paying enterprises. Huang Chunnian, Huang Wanrong, Zhao Zhiqiang, Li Zhongfa, Shen Yuifang and other four sets of municipal leaders, the main responsible persons of various towns (districts and streets) and relevant units, as well as the responsible persons of some excellent tax paying enterprises and scientific and technological innovation enterprises, gathered together, and Shen Liuqing, general manager of the company, attended the forum.

In 2019, Chaoli Electric Co., Ltd. faced the complex and severe economic situation. While striving to improve its own economic benefits, it firmly established the concept of law-abiding operation and paying taxes according to law, conscientiously fulfilled its tax obligations, and made positive contributions to the economic and social development of the whole city. It was awarded the title of "excellent tax paying enterprise in Danyang City in 2019.


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