Jiangsu Chaili Won Xiaopeng Auto Business Partner Award

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"Steady and Far Ahead"-On May 25, 2023 Xiaopeng Auto Global Partner Conference was held in Zhaoqing. Jiangsu Super ForceOne of Xiaopeng's key partners,With strong product innovation, high-quality and stable production capacity and supply strength, Xiaopeng Auto has gained momentum and energy, and won the Xiaopeng Auto Business Partner Award!


Jiangsu Chaili has cooperated with Xiaopeng Automobile for many years, mainly providing Xiaopeng Automobile.Fan,Water tank,Condenser,PTC, air conditioning blower and other products. By participating in this meeting, Chaoni has a clearer understanding of Xiaopeng's future development strategy, and is also full of confidence in the future cooperation and win-win between the two parties.

In the future development, Jiangsu Chaili will continue to adhere to the vision of "being a century-old enterprise", with technology as the core and market-oriented, continue to expand product application fields, improve product quality and service levels, and serve Xiaopeng Automobile and other partners Provide better products and services to jointly promote the development of the new energy automobile industry.

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