Jiangsu Chaoli Electric Co., Ltd. won the Songzhi shares "special contribution award"

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March 17, 2023,Shanghai Jialeng Songzhi Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.The "Gathering Energy, Realising Quality, Creating Win-Win-Win -2023 Supply Chain Partner Conference" was held in Shanghai ",Jiangsu Chaili Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.With excellent products and perfect service, we won the title of Songzhi shares.Special Contribution Award".

The Jiangsu Science and Technology Award is the highest-level award in the field of science and technology in the province. It mainly rewards technological inventions, technological development, major engineering construction, promotion and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, high-tech industrialization, and social welfare. The evaluation of scientific and technological projects is strict, the competition is fierce, and the awards have high gold content.

This time, Jiangsu Super Power wonThe third prize of the "2022 Jiangsu Science and Technology Award" once again demonstrates the efforts and forward-looking layout of Chaoli Science and Technology Innovation, as well as the fruitful results achieved in industry-university-research cooperation. On the road of technological innovation, Jiangsu Chaoli does not rigidly adhere to the company's endogenous scientific and technological progress, and more extensively adopts cooperation with universities and the Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to enhance the company's innovation height and speed, so that cutting-edge technology can be quickly applied to the company's new products. In order to cope with the rapidly changing market changes, and constantly meet the needs of customers.

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