Congratulations to Jiangsu Chaori Electric Co., Ltd. was identified as "Zhenjiang Green Factory"

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In order to speed up the construction of a green manufacturing system, according to the "Zhenjiang City"The "14th Five-Year Plan" Green Manufacturing System Construction Implementation Plan and other documents require that the municipal industry and information department recently organized the 2022 "municipal green factory" certification work. After enterprise declaration, city (district) recommend, qualification review, expert review, online publicity and other links,Jiangsu Chaili Electric Appliance Co., identified"Municipal Green Factory,This selection is the recognition and affirmation of Chaili's adherence to the concept of green development and emphasis on the construction of green manufacturing system in recent years, and lays the foundation for Chaili to strive for corresponding policy support in the later period.

In recent years, Jiangsu Super Power has been actively developing its core business to create economic and social value.Intelligent intelligent manufacturing, green low carbon"The development concept, super forceActively carry out a series of technological transformations such as skill consumption reduction, carbon reduction and pollution reduction, optimize and adjust the industrial structure, actively promote green manufacturing, strengthen green and low-carbon technological changes, and quickly promote the green development of the company's production in various fields. Driven by the concept of green and low-carbon development, Jiangsu Chaili has continuously updated its production line equipment, eliminated backward equipment and improved it into advanced and energy-saving imported equipment,Energy consumption per unit of product decreased by more 10%. In 2019, in response to the call of the state to vigorously develop intelligent manufacturing, the company carried out intelligent transformation of the SMT workshop, which greatly improved the production efficiency, energy consumption and pollutant emission, and was approved as a demonstration intelligent workshop in Jiangsu Province. In addition, the company implemented a 2500KWp roof distributed photovoltaic power station project in 2020, using the top of the company's plant to build a photovoltaic power station, effectively promoting the use of clean energy, the year to achieve photovoltaic power generation of 670000 kW-h,2021 power generation of 2.37 million kW-h.Jiangsu Chaili actively develops green products, increases the promotion of green design and green production, establishes a resource recovery and recycling mechanism, promotes the optimization of energy consumption structure, improves energy utilization efficiency, and gradually realizes the green development of the factory.

Green is the background color of high-quality industrial development, and green development is also an inevitable way to enhance the competitiveness of the company. In the future, Jiangsu Chaili will be based on a new stage, bravely undertake new missions, and comprehensively advance with higher standards and stricter requirementsThe construction of "green factory" will unswervingly follow the high-quality development path of ecological priority and green development, play the exemplary and leading role of green factory with responsibility and practical actions, and make positive contributions to the achievement of the national "double carbon" goal.

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