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August 12-13, 2022,Wei Changhua, General Manager of Air Conditioning Division of Jiangsu Chaili Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.Invited to participate in the second automobile industry talent training forum sponsored by the China Society of Automotive Engineering. This timeAutomotive Industry Talent Training Dean Forum"Cross-integration oriented towards notTo the excellent engineer training"as the theme, around the industrial restructuring of the discipline reform and excellent engineer training, output-oriented professional construction and promotion path, cross-integration of curriculum reform exploration and practical experience, industry-university-research collaborative education and innovation and entrepreneurship mechanism exploration and practice, excellent engineer industry-education collaborative education and other content of the discussion and exchange.

General WeiAt this forum, a report entitledJiangsu Chaori Electric New Energy Vehicle Heat Pipe Research and Development Ability and Talent Team Construction"The report. Demonstrated the multi-product layout and new energy vehicle thermal management research and development capabilities. In terms of personnel training, the training mechanism of Chauli mainly includes three directions: internal training, external introduction and combination of industry, university and research, and shared excellent cases of cooperation between industry, university and research and Jiangsu University.

After the forum, School of Automobile, South China University of TechnologyShangguan WenbinThe dean, Li Gang, Dean of the School of Automotive and Transportation Engineering of Liaoning University of Technology, and Zhang Nong, Dean of the Institute of Engineering and Technology of Hefei University of Technology, came to our company for exchanges and studies to gain an in-depth understanding of our company's corporate culture, development history and product research and development.

Dean Shangguan Wenbin, School of Automobile, South China University of Technology, came to our company for exchange and study.

Li Gang, Dean of School of Automobile and Transportation Engineering, Liaoning University of Technology, came to our company to exchange and study

President Zhang Nong and Dr. Zhu Bo of Institute of Engineering Technology of Hefei University of Technology visited the exhibition hall

Chaili is in an important period of development. As the new energy automobile industry continues to develop in the direction of developing technology and enhancing competitiveness under the encouragement of national policies, the requirements for the vehicle thermal management system are also getting higher and higher. Chaili also hopes to pass this The second Automotive Industry Talent Training Dean Forum can cooperate with more outstanding universities, promote schools and enterprises to achieve complementary advantages in many aspects such as industry and professional links, talent training, scientific research innovation and technological development, and solving technical problems for enterprises.

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