Youth praise, live up to Shaohua | Jiangsu Chaoli Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Youth League Branch won the title of "Zhenjiang May 4th Red Flag Youth League Branch"

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Youth is in full bloom, and struggle is just in time.On the day of the May 4th Youth Day, the Communist Youth League Zhenjiang Municipal Committee announced the Zhenjiang City"Two Red and Two Excellent" Honor Roll ", Jiangsu Chaili Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.The Youth League Branch won"Zhenjiang May 4th Red Flag League Branch" title.



1. adhere to the party building lead team building to grasp the team, strengthen the organizational strength

Chaoli League Branch has always adhered to the basic principle of Party building leading League building. Driven by the care, support and guidance of Chaoli Party Branch, Chaoli League Branch has actively followed up, actively integrated and utilized"Integrate the advantages of party building", learn from the experience and practices of "integrating party building", and take the "Three-Year Action Plan for Improving the Organizational Power of the League in the New Era (2019-2022)" of the League Central Committee as the starting point to comprehensively strengthen the construction of the branch and the work of the League. The League branch is the basic organization of the League. The Chaoli Youth League branch has always put "grasping the grass-roots construction of the League" at the forefront, established a clear guidance of "strictly governing the League", improved and updated the basic database information of more than 40 League members based on the "smart League building" system, carried out youth education with the theme of "youth learning" as the carrier, continuously carried out activities to practice socialist core values, and focused on League members and youth ideological and political guidance. The party branch of the joint company carried out more than 10 sessions of various party-loving and patriotic education activities, covering all members and more than 80% of young employees online and offline. A series of thematic activities such as "carrying forward the spirit of the May 4th Movement and being the best employee", "Youth to the Party, making contributions to a new era", "the first lesson for new employees, establishing correct values" and other thematic activities have been carried out one after another to promote ideological and moral education. The youth network propaganda team widely uses WeChat, Weibo and other new media to seize the first position of the network. In Zhenjiang's "Four Advances in Youth and Merit in Villages" campaign, Chaoli Youth League Branch put forward the "Chaoli (Enterprise) Hongguang (Village), Completing Each Other" village-enterprise joint construction plan, as a typical case of the city's publicity and promotion, Chaoli thus built Danyang and Zhenjiang two-level primary and secondary school off-campus labor practice bases. Company members have participated in voluntary blood donation, love donation, volunteer service and other activities, especially during the epidemic to support Wuhan, support Tianshui, support Changzhou love donation activities, in order to do a good job of social public opinion guidance gathered full of positive energy.












2. insist on serving the overall situation around the center and strengthen the leading force

The branch continuously improves the ability and level of serving the youth, insists on taking the youth as the center, so that the youth have a sense of gain, adheres to the needs of the youth and the urgent needs of the Communist Youth League, especially focusing on the problems of new employees' ideological education, innovation and entrepreneurship, marriage and dating, college students' internship, etc., to study specific measures and provide practical help, so as to better play the role of the Communist Youth League as a bridge and link between the party and youth. For example, the company relies on the unit's provincial graduate workstation, college students off-campus practice base, the year-round absorption of more.Five young interns received more than ten visits from school teachers and students to help young employees familiarize themselves with the workplace environment, get close to the reality of the industry, provide valuable practical experience, help graduate students complete project research, and provide off-campus mentor resources and experimental resources. The Youth League branch regularly carries out vocational training, friendship and other activities for young workers, which have been praised by young workers one after another. The party flag refers to the direction of the league flag. The Youth League branch revolves around the work of Zhenjiang Party and Government Center, with the goal of completing the urgent, difficult, dangerous, heavy and new tasks in the development of the enterprise, gathers young people to set up a technical key-tackling youth commando, and carries out research and development on the super-powerful 1 million vehicle-mounted high-efficiency and energy-saving brushless DC motor system.











3. adhere to the micro-promotion of youth cohesion, improve service

In view of the common difficulties and problems of contemporary youth in growth, physical and mental health, marriage and dating, the branch wholeheartedly does practical things for the growth and development of young people. One is to help young workers grow up in the work. Focusing on the needs of young workers and members, he createdThe corporate culture brand of "Chaoli Happiness", with the development of youth improvement and innovation competitions, youth job skills evaluation and other activities as the carrier, leads young people to make contributions in industrial development, project construction, and scientific research practices, and has carried out youth employee fellowship and family opening Day, reading day, psychological consultation and other activities to meet the spiritual life needs of young workers, the official account of WeChat and the official account of Douyin have been opened to convey the positive energy of the enterprise to the broad masses of young people, and young scientific and technological workers have been actively organized to participate in key technological research projects in Danyang City. As a result, the company has emerged a large number of outstanding young employees, such as the most beautiful youth in Danyang City, the Youth commando in Zhenjiang City, the Youth Civilization number in Zhenjiang City, the outstanding Communist Youth League cadres in Danyang City, and Danyang City. The second is to do a solid job in safeguarding the rights and interests of young people, improve youth volunteer services, actively guide league organizations to do a good job in caring service activities, and enhance the influence of league organizations.

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